Behnein बहेनें

Behenein (Hindi: बहेनें) is a 2010 Indian television show produced by J. D. Majethia and shown on STAR Plus.

Broadcast history

Behenein debuted in February 2010.[1] As the Indian Premier League season began and threatened to draw viewers away, the producers revealed their intention to introduce several plot twists, such as the revelation of the kidnapper of Smriti’s baby, in order to keep the audience interested.[2] Due to relatively good ratings, the channel planned to broadcast a four-hour recap in April, and is considering extending the show to one-hour episodes.[3][4][5]

[edit] Characters

  • Purva Shastri (24): Purva is the eldest daughter of Sevantilal and Revati Shastri. Purva is an ideal daughter, sister, and friend. Purva is very selfless person. She respects her elders and loves her sisters a lot. She is also a great friend to Mihir and Amar. After her parents’ death, Purva takes up responsibility for her sisters. [4][5]
  • Smriti Sanghvi né Shastri (23): Smriti is second daughter of Sevantilal and Revati Shastri. Smriti has very shy personality and get nervous quickly. Smriti too respects her elders and loves her sisters a lot. She is married to Mihir. Smriti and Mihir were “college sweethearts”. As a result, Smriti got married before Purva. Although Mihir’s mother is often unfair to her, Smriti still respects her a lot. Due to an accident during her pregnancy, Smriti often gets nervous breakdown. However, Mihir is always by her side to support her.[4][5]
  • Akashi Shastri (22): Akashi is the third daughter of Sevantilal and Revati Shastri. She is also very caring, confident and vivacious sister and loves her sisters a lot. Akashi cares a lot about her looks. She is the most stylish among the sisters. Akashi is often outspoken. Unlike her sisters, Akashi speaks up against Nimben, when she thinks Nimaben is being unfair to them. She thinks logically and does not get emotional very easily on a given situation, like her sisters do.[4][5]
  • Anokhi Shastri (21): Anokhi is the youngest college going daughter of Sevantilal and Revati Shastri. Being the yongest, Anokhi is the most protected one. Anokhi is very effervescent and passionate about dancing. She learns dancing from Amar.[4][5]
  • Mihir Sanghvi (25): Mihir is the only son of Kamini. Mihir is a devoted son, brother, and husband. Mihir respects his elders and loves his sisters: Sheetal and Shalaka. Mihir loves and supports his wife, Smriti immensely. They were “college sweethearts”. Mihir is a lawyer by profession.[4][5]
  • Amar Patel (24): Amar is Purva’s best-friend and fiancé. He considers Purva’s family as his own family and is always there to support them. Amar morally supports Purva and her sisters when they have any problem. Amar is a choreographer by profession.[6][4][5]
  • Sevantilal Shastri (58)[4][5]
  • Revati Shastri (48)[4][5]
  • Nimaben (64): Nimaben is Sevantilal Shastri’s elder sister. Although she acts very nicely with the sisters, she does not like them at all. Nimaben along with her son Vishal, conspires against Shastri family to get their money. Also, when Revati and Sevanti are caught in the fire and their room gets locked. Nimaben decides not to save them and hides the key to the room. Thus, Revati and Sevantilal died. Before Sevantilal’s death he has transferred all his property to her name, but she would get it only after Purva, Anokhi and Aakashi get married. Nimaben also hires a guy (Samir) to marry and ruin Anokhi’s life.[4][5]
  • Vishal (26): Vishal, Nimaben’s son, is also as manipulative and vicious as Nimaben. Like Nimaben, he only cares for money. Vishal often gambles money and loses it as well. As a result, he is often in debt and looking for ways to repay his debt by cheating people٫[4][5]
  • Kamini (64): Kamini is Mihir’s mother. Kamini is also very possessive mother. As Mihir and Smriti are “college sweethearts”, she is unhappy with Mihir and Smriti’s relationship. She never liked Smriti as her daughter-in-law. However, she lets Smriti stay at her house, as she is going to give birth to the heir of the family. Kamini also plans to get Mihir remarried as soon as she gets the family heir in her hands.[4][5]

[edit] Cast

story from Sameer Kulkarni & Ankush Mohla

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Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai Story

Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai (Hindi: सजन घर जाना है) is an Indian television series that airs on STAR Plus channel. The series premiered on August 5, 2009, and is produced by known directors Sumit Mittal & Shashi Mittal.

Sajan Ghar Jana Hai revolves around the story of a simple and beautiful girl named Dhani; the only daughter of Sudha Devi- a widow. Dhaani lives with her widowed mother & makes bridal dolls as a profession. One day a rich guy named Ambar, who was adopted by Badri Narayan Raghuvanshi, meets Dhaani accidentally & falls in love with her at first sight. On the other side, Ambar’s father is finding a suitable girl for him. Ambar’s father is impressed by Dhani’s boldness & unconditional favor, so he brings a wedding proposal to Sudha Devi for Dhani and Ambar, who happily gives her consent. Unknown to all this wedding proposal matter, Ambar decides to forget his unknown ladylove for his family’s sake. During a festival ritual, Dhani’s sister asks Ambar to choose a chunri for his wife. Ambar chooses a chunri, keeping Dhani in his mind. Dhani wears the same chunri which she got from her in-laws. At a fair, Ambar notices Dhaani wearing his chosen chunri so he inquires about this from his sister. Ambar is happily surprised when he learns that he is going to marry his ladylove, Dhani. He teases Dhani, who thinks Ambar is a stranger & ignores him. She too gets happily surprised upon realizing that Amber is her fiance. Amber helps Dhani’s mother with wedding preparations, and this brings both Dhani and Ambar closer to each other. Ambar and Dhani get married with the blessing of their elders, but at the time of bidaai, one of the priests, who hates Amber’s family, discloses Dhani’s reality that she belongs to the lower caste. Ambar’s dad refuses to accept Dhani, whose face neither he nor Bhagwati ji has seen, and this shocks everyone, especially Ambar & Dhani. Ambar objects to his father’s decision & decides to leave his family for Dhani, whom he thinks is not at fault. Ambar accepts Dhani as his wife, while his family breaks all relations with him. Ambar is sad but happy at the same time with his decision.

Meanwhile, more conflict develops in Ambar’s house as Bhagwati ji (Ambar’s aunt) is trying to get her daughter, Madhu married to Avinash, a boy from a rich family. The condition set in place by Avinash’s family is that Ambar must marry Sarla (Avinash’s sister), otherwise Madhu and Avinash cannot get married. Ambar’s dad and aunt begin conspiring against Dhani so that Amber will marry Sarla. Madhu’s mother & Ambar’s dad convince Avinash’s parents for Madhu-Avinash’s wedding after Sarla and Ambar are married. Ambar refuses to marry Sarla & decides to leave secretly with Dhani to Delhi. Madhu, on her wedding day, is devastated on knowing Avinash’s decision that Ambar & Sarla must be married first, so she calls Ambar but Dhani answers. Dhani assumes something is wrong with Madhu as Madhu wished her good wishes for the future. Dhani sacrifices her love & threatens Amber that she will commit suicide on a railway track if he does not marry Sarla. Ambar is very unhappy. He believes trying to keep Sarla happy is being childish. Sarla’s parents threaten Ambar to keep Sarla happy, otherwise Madhu will get the same treatment in return for what he gives to their daughter. Still, Ambar goes to Dhani as he feels he can’t live without her, but Dhani again threatens him that if he doesn’t keep his promise, then he will lose his Dhani.

On the condition of Ambika Bhawani Singh, a dacoit, Dhani is forced to move into the Raghuvanshi house as Sakhi, the maid, in order to save Sarla. Slowly, Sarla & Dhani begin sharing a healthy bond of friendship. Dhani helps the immature Sarla to become a better daughter-in-law in the Raghuvanshi household. Dhani continues to live as a maid for a while, but is happy with Ambar & Sarla’s company. She also witnesses the bitter relationship of Gauri & Sumer(Amber’s cousin/brother). Ambar – Dhani secretly meet each other every night, but one night, Sumer sees them together. He suspects that there is something wrong going on between Sakhi and Ambar. Every night, Sumer spies on Ambar and Sakhi in search of information about the relationship they share, until he finally concludes that Sakhi is Ambar’s mistress. He begins to make sexual advances towards Dhani, who fights him off each time.

Sudha Devi cannot tolerate Dhani living as a maid in her in-law’s house and being insulted all the time, so she devises plans against Sarla so that Dhani is accepted as the daughter-in-law of the house. She replaces Ambar’s kundali (horoscope) with a fake, which states that Ambar’s astrological stars are not in good position, and will eventually be the reason for the demise of his wife. Sudha Devi then begins causing insignificant harm to Sarla by using her own methods or hiring thugs. They cause Sarla to have small accidents, or try to scare her. Sudha Devi’s aim is to bring Dhani and Ambar back together, and have Sarla’s mother bring Sarla back home and end the relationship between Sarla and Ambar. When this does not work, Sudha Devi makes her next move and reveals the Dhani-Ambar relationship to Sarla. Sarla, who does not know that Sakhi is actually Dhani, runs away from Raghuvanshi’s ancestral worship(puja)in search of Dhani to bring back her. Bhagwati ji(Ambar’s aunt), in fear of loss of the family’s reputation & her daughter Madhu’s happiness, makes Sakhi(Dhani) sit in the ancestral puja with Ambar. The priest blesses Dhani(assuming it is Sarla), stating that she will give a heir to Raghuvanshi family. During the worship, Ambar feels Dhani’s presence. Soon enough, Ambar comes to know about Sakhi’s reality and that she saved Sarla. He becomes happy that Dhani is Sakhi, but she makes him promise that they won’t reveal the truth about their relationship to his family & Sarla. Ambar reluctantly agrees. Also having read the kundali, Bhagwati ji and Badri Narayan fear that something horrible may happen to Sarla, which could cause trouble for Madhu, so they decide to bring Dhani back home. Bhagwati ji and Badri Narayan are out on the prowl to implore to Sudha Devi that she allow them to bring Dhani back to the Raghuvanshi household. When Dhani returns to her in-law’s home adorned as a bride, everyone is shocked, especially Bhagwati ji, when they finally see Dhani’s face; they realize that Dhani was Sakhi all along. Sarla is taken back to her mother’s house, as Dhani has been accepted as the daughter-in-law of the Raghuvanshi house.

Bhagwati and Badri Narayan are ecstatic that Dhani has returned home, as according to Ambar’s kundali, his wife who is currently with him, which is Dhani, will eventually die. This way Ambar will end up with Sarla. Eventually, Sarla’s mother gets fed up with this & takes Sarla back to her house & throws Madhu at the Raghuvanshi doorstep. Badri Narayan and Bhagwati ji then realize it was Sudha Devi causing all of the problems, however at this point, Badri states that he does not want to fight it anymore and wants to accept Dhaani because she makes his son happy. Bhagwati ji is beyond furious and tells Sarla’s mom everything, who in turn has Sudha arrested for fraud. Ambar’s parents go to jail to have Sudha Devi released & Badri Narayan tells the driver to take Sudha home safely. In the Raghuvanshi house, Ambar is furious that Dhani’s mom acted this way and that if she had just asked him to leave Sarla for Dhani, he would have done it. Dhani explains to Ambar that he should be mad at her because Sudha did everything for her daughter. In the meantime, Sudha is taken hostage & tied up. After some time, she is able to untie herself & run away. In the Raghuvanshi house, a puja is going on. At this point, Neha Saxena is replaced by Barkha Bisht Sengupta. Badri, with his back turned so the family cannot see his face, has an impersonator come and take his place and he leaves to find Sudha. In the mean time while the thugs are looking for Sudha, Sudha finds a phone booth and calls Dhani. It is then revealed that Badri and Bhagwati ji are in this plan together to humiliate and/or kill Sudha Devi.

During the pooja, Sudha calls Dhani at home and says her life is in danger; she pleads with Dhani to come meet her. Dhani reaches the area and the phone booth from where Sudha placed the call, however, just as Sudha Devi calls out for Dhani, Badri Narayan’s thugs clasp a hand over her mouth and take her away. Sudha Devi is taken to an area where all other villagers live, and they tie her to a pole. Sudha Devi reveals all the hidden lies about the Raghuvanshi family, which angers Badri Narayan. In order to crush her pride for being a widow, he has colored water thrown all over her. Bhagwati and Badri Narayan reveal to Sudha that they found out about her “deceitful” plan, and tell her to brush her nose against their shoes in lieu of an apology for deceiving them. When Sudha Devi refuses, she is further humiliated by Badri Narayan, who states that he will continue to crush Sudha’s pride for being a widow. He then spreads Sindoor all over her forehead, and drapes a bride’s veil over her head. Sudha Devi prays to her Giridhar Gopal to help her, and suddenly a strong wind blows, blowing away the bride’s veil off her head. Sudha Devi further taunts Badri Narayan, and this angers him even more. He decides to punish Sudha by hanging her from a tree; a lesson to teach the villagers the result of raising their voices against him.

While Sudha Devi is hanging from the tree, only supported by a drum under her feet, Dhani finally reaches and begs the villagers to help save her mother, but no one is willing to help her as they are all scared of Badri Narayan. When the drum is kicked from beneath Sudha’s feet, Dhani rushes to save Sudha by hoisting Sudha up on her shoulders. Badri Narayan torments Dhani by throwing hot ashes under her feet so that she falls and Sudha Devi dies, but Dhani continues to balance her mother on her shoulders. Meanwhile, Bhagwati taunts both Sudha and Dhani, stating that Dhani will die from tiredness if she continues to balance her mother on her shoulders. Sudha Devi will not allow Dhani to die, so she makes Dhani promise her to take revenge for her death by willing to go back home until she reveals her mother’s murderers to Ambar, and avenges her mothers death. To make Ambar believe that Badri had Sudha killed, Dhani walks around the village with Ambar to implore to the villagers to tell him the truth, but no one helps. Ambar’s family does not believe that Badri Narayan had anything to do with Sudha Devi’s death, so Dhani decides to leave. Bhagwati ji and Badri Narayan decide to also kill Dhani, and the plan goes through, only Dhani survives. She thinks that Ambar tried to kill her when she sees him running away from the cliff from where she was pushed. Soon it appears that Dhani meets Ambhika Bhavani and decides to join his gang. Ambhika Bhavani is a man who helped Sudha Devi with her tricks to help her daughter. Ambhika Bhavani trains Dhani to become a dacoit so she can seek revenge from Badri Narayan and Bhagwati.

After turning into a dacoit and using the name Devi Bhairavi, Dani helps every helpless women fight for their rights. One day, she, along with her gang sneak into Raghuvanshi house as drama performers, but then turn the whole situation around and kidnap the Raghuvanshi family and take them to the same village area where Amber’s dad killed Sudha Devi, whilst Ambika Bhavani stalls Amber and they engage in a fight. Back at the village square, Devi Bhairavi tortures Ambher’s Dad and Bhagwati the same way these two tortured Sudha Devi. Devi Bhairavi is able to make these two sinners confess their crimes and this puts courage into the village people,who will now fight when any injustice is done. Ambhika Bhavani runs away and Amber and the police force go after him, only for Ambher to find out that his family is at the village sqaure. Ambher reaches his family, where everyone is beating up his father and find out that Dhani was right and that his dad dis kill Sudha Devi and regrets not listening to her. Amber then hands himself into the police for killing Dhani, on behalf of his father and is sent to court for the proceedings. There, Devi Bhairavi arrives and proves Ambar innocent, as she removes the scarf from her face. Ambar is let go from the police and Ambhika Bhavani surrenders. Dhani leaves the court, only to have Ambar search for her later. Dhani and Ambar unite and enter the Raghuvanshi house, much to Bhagwati’s and Sumer’s dismay and they try their very best to cause hatred between Sarla and Dhani.

[edit] Cast / Characters

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